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Each year more than 100 million people a year suffer from pain; that's more than the group are diagnosed with diabetes, heart disease and cancer combined.




When most people think of physical therapy, they assume it's for recovery after surgery. But, local doctors say people who haven't had surgery can benefit as well.




With summer in full swing, many of us have hit the pool, or enjoyed the summer sun. But, how can we make sure the sunscreen we're using offers us the right protection?




It's the next big thing in orthopedic surgery. A robotic-arm that assists orthopedic surgeons in hip and knee replacements.




In the realm of orthopedic surgery anterior hip replacement is what the doctors are buzzing about.




Lighting off fireworks is a common 4th of July tradition. A local hand surgeon shares tips so you can remain safe while still having fun.




As the temperature goes up so does the risk of young people getting injured in sports.



You may have heard the saying "you can never go home" again. But, that isn't true for one local doctor.

Dr. Aaron Althaus is a new face at Tri-State Specialists.  But, Sioux City is in his bones.




Every year the Sioux City Bandits get up, bright and early on a Saturday and get their yearly physical. This year physicians from Tri-State Specialists and Mercy Singing Hills stepped in to make sure players are ready to step out on the field.




Hear from Dr. Adi Gupta on the new research that shows that sugars and especially empty sugars cause more inflammation in the blood vessels and are becoming a factor in heart disease.



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